My name is Dr. Ashley Turner and I am a Board Certified Doctor of Holistic Health (BCDHH) and traditionally-trained naturopath. I am an author, homesteader, and homeschooling mother of three sweet daughters. In addition to helping clients achieve their health goals through functional medicine, I teach classes on natural health and traditional food and am a contributor to the Weston A Price Foundation’s quarterly journal, Wise Traditions in Food, Farming, and the Healing Arts. I am married to Dr. Kevin Turner, a chiropractor and functional medicine practitioner, who owns Restorative Chiropractic and Functional Wellness Center. 

My interest and training in holistic health emerged from our family's deep health trials. While my life-long chronic symptoms were dismissed by my doctors, it wasn't until the health of one of our daughters plummeted that Kevin and I sought answers beyond what we could find in conventional healthcare. One of our daughters struggled with severe gastrointestinal distress, eczema, and significant ASD symptoms and sensory disorders. My own chronic symptoms of eczema, IBS, hormone imbalances, acne, adrenal fatigue, depression, and anxiety worsened. Through functional lab tests for my daughter and I, we found nutrient deficiencies, leaky gut, chronic Lyme disease, mold and biotoxin related illness, and autoimmunity. 

I share these pieces of our health journey to show that our family has been through the trenches of chronic illness. Maybe you are in those trenches today. This book stems from my desire to share our triumphs in the face of great trial. Beauty from ashes, so to speak. My heartfelt hope and prayer is that the wisdom found within the pages of this book would be hope-filled and life-giving for you. It is a gift to share the fruit of our family’s healing journey with you through this book. May it do for you what it has done for us; take joy in the journey!

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