Restorative Kitchen Ebook

Restorative Kitchen Ebook


This book is a culmination of our family's healing journey and is really two books in one! Quite honestly, many of the recipes and cooking techniques have been a part of the rhythm of our kitchen for over a decade.  

The book is a cookbook and lifestyle guide for helping those with chronic illness, leaky gut, or autoimmune diseases. While the book is written for those struggling with chronic illness, it is also for anyone who desires to pursue vibrant wellness. The elimination diet removes foods that are known to drive inflammation and symptoms as well as a careful reintroduction period to rule out food reactions. This plan is designed to remove potentially problematic foods in order to decrease inflammation in the body, rebalance the gut flora, soothe the gut lining, regulate blood sugar, modulate the immune system, resolve nutrient deficiencies, and bring overall healing to the body. 

Within the pages of Restorative Kitchen you will find gorgeous photography and easy to follow recipes and lifestyle recommendations. I share details about our family's health journey, discuss the current state of health in our country, and paint the picture for why we need a book like this. Easy to follow food lists for foods to enjoy and avoid are provided along with suggestions on how to stock a pantry for healing with nutrient-dense, responsibly sourced, real food options.   

There are over 135 recipes with high-quality, full-color photographs and detailed instructions to help you succeed in this season of healing and restoration. The sections include:

  • Cultured & probiotic foods

  • Basic cooking techniques for the elimination diet

  • Snacks & appetizers

  • Breakfast

  • Salads

  • Soups

  • Main Dishes

  • Desserts

Diet is foundational to overall health, but various other lifestyle factors have the power to significantly impact the body’s physiology as well. All three aspects of health — physical health, emotional health, and spiritual health — must be cultivated throughout the healing journey. That is why I have included a significant portion of the book to discuss lifestyle shifts and DIY therapies to aid in achieving true wellness. Topics discussed include:

  • Sleep hygiene 

  • Stress management

  • Movement

  • Reducing the toxic load

  • Aromatherapy

  • Numerous recipes for non-toxic home and personal care products

  • Techniques for healing therapies to do at home

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